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Hide blank cells in a column

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    Hide blank cells in a column

    I want to hide blank cells in a column (NOT delete) and only one column at a time.
    There is data in column A5, A10, A71
    B4, B20, B30

    I want to hide all other cells except A5, A10, A71, B4, B20, B30
    So I need to perform the action on each column individually.

    Tomorrow there may be data in A5, A10, A71 and A100 and B4, b20, b30, b35 and C10, C20 so then I want the formula to adjust automatically and only display those cells that have something in them. I don't want to have to manually hide or unhide every day, because data will be changing every day.

    The only solution I can find is to download a tool called Kutools for Excel. However, my office will not allow that. I'm sure there's a way to do it in Excel (2010) but I'm not an expert and haven't really found any solution by searching. It may end up being a programming command - but again, I'm not savvy in that.


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    Re: Hide blank cells in a column

    Try setting up a conditional format that sets the font colour to white (or whatever the background colour is)
    Richard Buttrey

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