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Excel Graph, Error Bars

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    Excel Graph, Error Bars

    I have error bars on my graphs and they are forcing the rest of my graph into a minus, I want just the error bars to go into a minus and not my bar charts. I would like my bar graphs and lines to rest on 0 and not go below 0 How can I do this? Thank you.


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    Re: Excel Graph, Error Bars

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want. As a first guess is that you somehow want the 0's for the primary and secondary Y axes to match up, is that correct, or are you trying to do something else?

    If that is the desired goal, I would do this (manually for now, this can be automated later once you have determined that this is what you want).
    1) Open format axis dialog for the primary Y axis.
    2) Make the primary axis proportional to the secondary axis. For mathematical simplicity, I decided to divide the secondary axis values by 20
    2a) Set primary axis max to 35 (700/20)
    2b) Set primary axis min to -5 (-100/20)
    3) Make sure that the "horizontal category axis crosses at" property stays at automatic or 0.

    See if that is what you are trying to do here.
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