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How do you make a graph showing how many times a date occurs??

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    How do you make a graph showing how many times a date occurs??

    I have made many graphs on excel, however, I am trying to make a graph that shows how many times a specific date occurs. For example, I have a column of 50 varying dates. Some of the dates repeat. These dates are entered every time I receive a specific item for my business. I want to look at a graph and see over time how many items I receive. I want the horizontal axis to be linear and show dates in sequential order, and I want the vertical axis to be numbered 1 - 10 and add up the total number of repeating dates, then put a marker intersecting the date and number of times that date occurs. Is this even possible?
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    Re: How do you make a graph showing how many times a date occurs??

    You should set up a small summary table which lists the consecutive dates from your earliest date in one column and in the next column you can use a COUNTIF function to obtain the total for each date, e.g. in E2:


    assuming your original dates are in column A and your consecutive dates are in column D starting with D2.

    Then you can use this summary table as the source for your graph.

    Hope this helps.


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