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When a cell is highlighted, then ...

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    When a cell is highlighted, then ...

    I work for a printing company and I receive spreadsheets with new jobs that are posted daily. Each row includes a job number, description and the total quantity of pieces that need to be printed. What a job is completed, the production team highlights the row with a specific color. Is there a way to use the highlighted color in a formula, such as "if a cell is a certain color, then place the word "complete" in a specific cell"? I tried just to get the production team to select the word "complete" from a drop down list, but old habits die hard and they can't get away from just highlighting the row. Is this possible? Thanks!

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    Re: When a cell is highlighted, then ...

    You cannot use formulas to query the internal colour of a cell, but you can use VBA to do so or, as you use 2010, you can sort on cell colours: Data -> Sort -> Sort On "Cell Colour".

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    Re: When a cell is highlighted, then ...

    how did they determine if the job is complete and to be highlighted ?
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    Re: When a cell is highlighted, then ...

    Vlady asks a good question.
    I suspect the answer is 'They just know from the name of the job' or some such personal knowledge so far unrecorded.

    However even if they're not marking the job complete are there no other fields that are upated from which you can infer a job is complete? Perhaps a date despatched or some such.

    It may be that a macro will be needed.
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    Re: When a cell is highlighted, then ...

    Try a differend layout then there are no (or less) "old habits die hard"

    Or take a look at this
    You forced them to select "completed" in column D.
    This can be done with a dropdown box or by double clicking.
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