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how to subset rows in data according to column values

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    how to subset rows in data according to column values


    I have the attached data I want to subset the data according to the following column "sample" values

    "TCGA.E9.A22E" , "TCGA.AO.A0J5" , "TCGA.A2.A4S1",
    "TCGA.LL.A440" ,"TCGA.AC.A2QJ" , "TCGA.AN.A03X",
    "TCGA.AN.A0XN", "TCGA.BH.A6R9", "TCGA.E9.A1NF",
    "TCGA.AC.A23G" ,"TCGA.BH.A0AZ" , "TCGA.AN.A0FN" ,
    "TCGA.A2.A0CZ", "TCGA.A1.A0SH" , "TCGA.AC.A7VC" ,
    "TCGA.BH.A0DI" , "TCGA.A1.A0SI" , "TCGA.BH.A208" ,

    so I want the data set for just the above values
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    Re: how to subset rows in data according to column values

    in the following macro, you just have to put all of your specific sample values into the array and run the macro.
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    You may have to set the range to your data if they have changed.
    Pierre Leclerc

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