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DatedIf formula with conditional formating and color coding

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    DatedIf formula with conditional formating and color coding

    I have a spreadsheet that gets added to every day. I want to figure out how many days it is from the "date of hearing" column to the "complete" column with the result in the "Days to complete" column. I used conditional formatting and a formula because I wanted the result to change color based on the result.
    0 to 14 is green
    15 to 30 is yellow
    31 and above is red
    I think I may have it right. If not, I welcome suggestions.
    My question is how do I extend this conditional formatting down to the very last line of the column, line 1 million?
    I want my lines to remain blank/white without a zero in them until the line is filled in.
    I also have to copy this conditional formatting to multiple workbooks and can't seem to do that, too.

    Any help would be welcomed.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DatedIf formula with conditional formating and color coding

    Yes You can achieve it

    First select cell go to conditional formatting cell ->Highlight cell rules ->between , then enter 0 and 14 choose color Green
    Repeat the step for 15-30

    and for 31 choose ->Highlight cell rules ->Greater Than and color

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