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Multiple worksheets using the same power query getting hard to manage

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    Multiple worksheets using the same power query getting hard to manage

    I'm using power query to join csv files in workbooks. For example each workbook pulls a key of customer information which is then used to match up with data used in different types of other queries.

    Right now I'm just copy pasting the customer data query into a new workbook but its getting time consuming that every time a small change to the customer query needs to happen, I have to go into all the workbooks and modify it separately.

    Question is does Office have some place I can centrally have queries that each workbook references so if a change needs to occur I can just change the query that one time?

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    Re: Multiple worksheets using the same power query getting hard to manage

    I am not familiar with power query but I am familiar with the command string. If power query makes the same use of the command string as other queries do, then you can substitute a concatenated string into the command string.

    So it would work like this. In the workbook you will have a small VB program that can either run on open, or manually. This program goes out and finds the "gold" workbook on the network and gets the command string from it and substitutes it into the command string in the workbook that needs updating.

    I use the following bit of code to make dynamic queries in Oracle. I have an excel table with the "raw" SQL in one column, containing things like '&DATE' and a series of substitution commands in the next column over (translated SQL) so I can pass parameters to the command string. The function, SuperCat concatenates the translated SQL into a cell that I normally give a name like SQL_Data. I call SubSQL like so: SubSQl "qry_name", "SQL_Data". This concept may work for you too.

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