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start-finish-cost+ bell curve

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    start-finish-cost+ bell curve


    Does anybody have a spread sheet which would do something similar to the below:

    Look at a cells start, look at a cells finish and then spread this cost over the timeline of days in a bell curve way (costs ramping up over time and then down over time to the end).


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    Re: start-finish-cost+ bell curve

    With the cost in A1, the starting date in A2, the ending date in A3, and the number 4 (as an intial guess) in A4, enter this formula


    and copy down until it starts returning 0. Label those cells with your dates. Change the number in cell A4 to get the shape of the curve that you like.

    Note that you may need to increase the value in A1 to get the sum of the Norm.Dist cells to work out, since you may be truncating the curve (missing values) depending on the value in A4.
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