Hi all, I'm new to posting on forums so I hope I can make this detailed an concise...

I am trying to move-copy a tab with multiple pivot tables to a new workbook with values only in Excel 2016. I use the right click, move-copy, new book command. In the new workbook, I then select all at the top left corner, copy, paste special (values). At that point, nothing is centered and I have one column that is formatted [h]:mm that apparently changes to a general format. If I try pasting values with number formatting the same thing happens.

If I perform this action in Excel 2010, it works perfectly.

The preserve formatting on update is checked.

This is what the original looks like:
excel help1.JPG

This is what the new table looks like after copying and pasting values:
excel help2.JPG

I tried to upload an actual demo file but I must not be that smart! Maybe I'm not smart enough to actually use Excel...