This scenario is a little challenging to summarise, but I'm hoping it will make sense and someone may be able to help me out.

The situation is that I had a series of workbooks in Excel 2010 that were connected as follows:

Source 1 ------> Source 2 ---------> Destination

Whenever Source 1 was updated both source 2 and Destination were both updated. I did not have to open source 2 for Destination to update.

Last week something changed and I now get a message that automatic update of links has been disabled. I have enabled the automatic updating, but now if I update Source 1, I have to literally open the Source 2 file for Destination to be updated. This has defeated the whole purpose of my system, as I have multiple source 1 and 2 files that all feed into destination.

I also now get a message every time I open Source 2 or Destination that it is linked to another file, do I want to update it. I have suppressed this message by choosing the appropriate option in "edit links". The frustrating part about this is that every time I now open Source 2 or Destination, when I close it I get asked if I want to save changes. This is obviously due to the links having updated. The problem is if I say yes as the default answer, I could potentially have changed something in the file and not realised.

Another element is that we operate off a cloud based system hosted by a 2nd party, who in turn host the cloud on servers owned by a 3rd party. I suspect this problem is caused by a change on the cloud, but the 2nd party insists they have changed nothing. They insist it is at our end, but this problem is now happening on ALL our accounts hosted by the 2nd party, so I do not believe this to be the case. I am also wondering if this could be due to a change in the virus protection software the 2nd party has on our cloud e.g. the software changed to automatically disable links as a security feature.

I have implemented a workaround by combining Source 2 files into Source 1 (my non-preferred option) leaving me with "Source 1------->Desitation" but I still have to suppress the update message and still get asked if I want to save changes regardless if I've actually made any (as I said above, due to the links having updated once the file was opened). This is a really clunky option and is really a band-aid option rather than a permanent fix.

TLDR - I think our cloud host has changed a setting that has disabled automatic links between our Excel 2010 workbooks/sheets. How can I confirm/check this?

If anyone has any solutions/thoughts these would be greatly appreciated!