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Excel Spreadsheet used to autofill Word Document?

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    Excel Spreadsheet used to autofill Word Document?

    Hi Guys,

    Hoping there's an easy way to do this. I want to create a basic word document that will act as a template. I'm familiar with how to insert form fields and tie them to bookmarks which I assume is the easiest way to populate the data?

    In an excel spreadsheet, I'd like to go in, fill in the various data that will populate the word document, and then create a new word document with a unique file name based on the original word document that I'll use as my template.

    A simple example where I have something like the following would be very helpful as I've been struggling with this for a while:

    Word Document: MyTemplate.doc
    Form Text Input: No initial value w/ bookmark named clientCompany

    Excel Document: CreateWordDocument.xlsx
    Field A1: "Name of Word Document to be Created"
    Field A2: input name of word document to be created

    Field B1: "Company Name"
    Field B2: input the data to fill in the form field bookmarked by "clientCompany" in MyTemplate.doc

    Once all the various data has been populated in CreateWordDocument.xlsx - I assume I'd have to create a macro to run to populate the document and then save the file w/ a new file name reference in cell A2 of CreateWordDocument.xlsx. I could then tie the macro to a button added to the end of CreateWordDocument.xlsx to populate all fields w/ values other than NULL and name the document appropriately.

    Thanks for any help, this one's been a dozy for me to try to fix as I'm no VBA expert.

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    Re: Excel Spreadsheet used to autofill Word Document?

    maybe this way:
    a workbook with two shheets data and form, you can save forms with needed data as pdf.
    all needed data can be put in form with just a VLOOKUP
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