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Exporting to text file with carriage returns

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    Exporting to text file with carriage returns

    Hi I have the following line of code in one excel cell
    "01VINV20160229130801Jan 16 Incentive700120160101Incentive for Jan 16 GBP
    02VINV20160229130801Jan 16 IncentiveZP00655 20160101ZE07110 Incentive for Jan 16
    04VINV20160229130801Jan 16 Incentive0000514060110 0 V0MWFS Jan 16 Incentive "

    This is derived from the following formula:

    ='Copy of Payment file format'!A3&'Copy of Payment file format'!B3&'Copy of Payment file format'!C3&'Copy of Payment file format'!D3&'Copy of Payment file format'!E3&'Copy of Payment file format'!F3&'Copy of Payment file format'!G3&'Copy of Payment file

    I want to be able to save to a text file so it generates 3 lines of data, is this possible?


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    Re: Exporting to text file with carriage returns

    Probably you may required a VBA so you are advice to please post it in VBA section

    Or If you have required any formula solution please specify.
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    Re: Exporting to text file with carriage returns

    Also posted here :

    carlmeads1975, please post your question in only one sub-forum in future.
    Many thanks


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