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Filtered data in excel 2007

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    Filtered data in excel 2007

    Hy all,

    i use excel 2007 for my work, and as i know, in excel 2007 we can't copy/cut then paste data, if the data is being filtered.

    as example, the data from A2:A20 contain formula. but rows A6, A9, A10 and A18 are hidden because filtered. when i want to copy all data A2:A20, then it can't paste values it in same location. i have to sort it first so the hidden cells are ordered, so i can paste value.

    is there any solution we can do paste values like excel 2010 or latest, without sort it?

    i attached an image to make it clear
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    Re: Filtered data in excel 2007

    As you want to copy it to other location, why don't use advanced filter?
    It is in the same group as autofilter. the only requirement is that you have to write filtering rule into some cells.
    For instance if in yoyr samle filter was a>5 then in some two cells say A21 and A22
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    and use this as filtering rule for advanced filter
    Best Regards,


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