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How to fomat these cells

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    How to fomat these cells

    Hi All,

    In one column I have date in m/d/yyyy format and in another column I have it as mm/dd/yyyy and I want to make both the column in the same format so I can compare them, I tried formatting with Date and selecting the format but it doesn't work, so how do I do that?

    Thank You for any tips

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    Re: How to fomat these cells

    Their is no apparent reason why you should not be able to format both cells the same way as long as they are truly dates.

    Are you sure they are dates? You can test it by using = ISNUMBER(A1). Does this produce true? If false, then the data is not a date and you'll have to convert.

    You can also select the cells and select Ctrl + Shift ~

    If they are dates, this will produce a number as dates are just numbers starting from 1 Jan 1900. Today is 43025
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