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Count Ifs using multiple criteria sorted by date

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    Count Ifs using multiple criteria sorted by date

    Hi I am trying to create stats table to show the following:
    - Number of Audits conducted prior to 2017 and how many have been closed.
    - Number of Audits conducted in 2017 and how many have been closed.

    I can use =COUNTIF(B11:B29,"<="&B1) to calculate the total number of audits conducted prior to 2017 but i cant seem to separate the data by type of Audit conducted and number closed.
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    Re: Count Ifs using multiple criteria sorted by date

    hi there. i don't think =COUNTIF(B11:B29," < ="&B1) gives you the correct count. you see, dates are actually recognized as numbers. if you format cell B11 as General, it shows you 42208. that is 42208th day from 1-Jan-1900. so as recent years are going to be in the 40,000+ category, your criteria of < =2017 is going to be none of the dates.

    you can use this in B5:
    =COUNTIFS($A$11:$A$29,A5,$B$11:$B$29," < 1jan2017")

    and in C5:
    =COUNTIFS($C$11:$C$29,"Closed",$B$11:$B$29," < 1jan2017")

    also, consider to input the desired results so that we don't have to second-guess if what we are doing is correct or not. you may look at my signature to upload an eg that is easier to understand.

    ps: there seems to be some problem if i connect the less than sign with anything, hence i put a space in it. please remove all spaces like this:
    " < 1jan2017"

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