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Hide formulas in Google sheets?

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    Hide formulas in Google sheets?

    I have tried ti find this info but not really sucessfully.

    Does anyone know if its possible to share a google spreadsheet to someone else and hide the formulas for that user? If so, how?
    Also is it possible to share with 1 person, but limit that person from sharing the google sheet to other people?

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    Re: Hide formulas in Google sheets?

    Hi Stockman,

    I do not know about the first part of your query however in relation to the second part aka limitation, when you click "Share" you will see a little pencil icon to the right, you can click then and see three options:

    Can edit
    Can Comment
    Can View

    I think if you set it to "Can View" (basically read-only) I don't believe they can share the document only view it.

    I'm on a work PC so cannot really test it but in theory that is what makes sense to me.

    Hope it helps! God speed!

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