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Referencing work schedule data in another file

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    Referencing work schedule data in another file

    Hi guys,

    So it is a little bit difficult for me to explain this problem but i am still going to try, and i hope someone will understand

    In short i want to make a file (working hour schedule), that will be linked with a original schedule file sent by my company. My new file should be able to pull out automaticaly new data every week when i receive new schedule.

    The file that i receive is protected, it has around 15 worksheets, which includes amonf the rest INDIVIDUAL SCHEDULE and 7 sheets of SCHEDULE DAY 1 up to 7. From what i understand that file is written in vba and i dont have an access to the code.

    So SCH DAY 1 for example, it consist of 50 schedule names on the left side (cashier1, cashier2, security1 etc...) and timings on top 00-24. Timings are divided by 15minz so if u work 7am to 10am it looks like this: SSSSSSSSSSSS. On IND SCH for that person it shows "security 7am-10am" (S stands for security, there is another sheet with different values like S, B for break, C for cashier).

    So i want to know how can i pull that data SSSSSSSSSSS in to a new file with no vba and that it can read this value as: "security 7am-10am".

    Thanks for reading and i hope i managed to explain it correctly.

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