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Creating a Parts list

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    Creating a Parts list

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and this is my first question. I am creating a sheet that can figure the parts of a cabinet. The problem is I need to compile a list of the parts from several lists. The columns are Box, Width, Length, # of pieces. These columns are repeated three times for the back bottom and sides. The list needs to combine duplicates and collate from largest to smallest from all three lists. Thanks Thomas

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    Re: Creating a Parts list

    youd have 1 Parts list.
    every unique part. no repeats.

    then youd have Composite part list. (composed from the Parts list above)
    [item], [part], Wd, Len, [Qty]
    Table1, 2x4 3ft, 4
    Table1, 4x4 1" board, 1
    Table1, 1/2" screws, 8


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    Re: Creating a Parts list

    Hard to say something without sample excel workbook but one way is a PivotTable
    How to create an editor for Power Query with Notepad++ (tutorial)
    How to create timeline project with vertical today marker (2010, 2013, 2016 etc...) (examples)
    Tips for Excellent Spreadsheets

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