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Inserting rows - does it break cell references?

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    Inserting rows - does it break cell references?

    I have a project I was just about to submit when I realized I have to add a few rows to accomodate a new chart.

    Would this break the existing cell references and would I have to check every single one of these?

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    Re: Inserting rows - does it break cell references?

    Excel is specifically designed so inserting rows does not break cell references.

    For example, if i have a formula


    and I insert a new row at row 10, the formula will automatically change to


    so it points to the same data that it did before, even though this is an absolute reference. (In fact, sometimes people do things where this normally-desired behavior is a problem, like when you always want to point to row 13 no matter how many rows get inserted above it.)

    Now that is a general answer, and I cannot answer that question about your specific file without being able to see A) your layout, and B) your formulas.
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