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Power Query (Get & Transform) on Mac

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    Power Query (Get & Transform) on Mac

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know a good alternative add in or method for Power Query on Mac? To achieve the same?


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    Re: Power Query (Get & Transform) on Mac

    First, you may want ODBC driver, that supports more than just SQL Server etc.

    Is an inexpensive option, and works well.

    Then you could leverage MS Query, and using native query language to do much of data transformation (when needed).

    Other than that...

    I'd recommend leveraging Python to do much of what PowerQuery is able to do. Granted, you'll need to know/learn Python.
    But it is a good language to know as far as data analysis/science goes, and not difficult to learn. And it also has many library/modules that handles various aspect of PQ and more.

    To integrate it with Excel. Try xlwings.

    You may find articles found below to be of interest as well.

    Edit: Another alternative is to use PowerBI Desktop, but then you won't be able to bring back data to Excel. As well, EXCEL for MAC has no good alternative for data model/DAX.
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    Re: Power Query (Get & Transform) on Mac

    build virtual machine on Mac, install Windows/Office 2016Pro or higher and .... happy querying
    How to create an editor for Power Query with Notepad++ (tutorial)
    How to create timeline project with vertical today marker (2010, 2013, 2016 etc...) (examples)
    Tips for Excellent Spreadsheets

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