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Formatting Hyperlinks in Excel

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    Formatting Hyperlinks in Excel


    I have a workbook that has several hyperlinks that reference other sheets within the workbook. For the top level (horizontal at the top) navigation I want the hyperlinks to be in a cell with a blue background and white font (both pre clicked and post-clicked). For the secondary level of navigation (vertically on the left side) I want the links to have a white background and black font (both pre-click and post-click).

    I've used the Home | Styles section to define the hyperlink format, but then it doesn't allow these differences that I mentioned above.

    Is there a way to set this up even if each link is formatted manually and not using some overall setting?


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    Re: Formatting Hyperlinks in Excel

    You can change the font, fill colour, etc. using the Font section of the Home tab on the Excel ribbon, the same way as you would if the cell did not contain a hyperlink.

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