I thought that I had posted this already, but don't see it anywhere

I am using Access 2007 to export data to excel then importing results of calculations from excel. When the excel file type is XLS, it works perfectly.

I changed the excel file type to XLSM (had to for excel 97 because file has vba to prevent "Do you want to save message etc.) The excel xlsm file somehow messes up the calcs, and sends back incorrect results or produces an error message saying "The contents of fields in one record(s) were deleted etc.". Usually, the error message comes with trying to export/import the 2nd record. I checked and the proper values are exported to both the xls and xlsm files. The calcs in the xlsm produce different results, even though no changes made other than xlsm fro xls.

Any help much appreciated. Driving me nuts., just no logic.