Hello all,

I have a folder into which people drop task sheets that are created from a common Excel workbook form. Each workbook in this folder can have 1,3,5 or more tasks listed as simple rows. I collect all of these rows into a single workbook via the Data Query function. This compiled workbook refreshes every 5 minutes or so as more task forms are added to the main folder throughout the day. As it refreshes, the older tasks move down and the newer ones are added at the top. What I cannot figure out how to do is put a checkbox or other button in each row of the compiled workbook that removes a specific task once it is completed.

It would also be cool to have a button that hides an unhides all of the completed tasks. But just hiding the tasks as they are completed is my main road block.

I've searched through the foums and found some things that are close, but none that seem to handle a constantly updating workbook.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.