Hello Everyone,

This is the extension of my last post post5075238. One of the member has replied to this question but I am not able to give reply for this question. This forum redirects to an error as ' I am not allowed to post a reply until I post few threads.

So My question is
1. Fluff13 thank you for your reply. I know this property(Text Align property in Combo box) before, by using this property the text is aligned at the center but at the top of the combo box. I want exactly in the center (middle) of the combo box!! Can you suggest me an idea

2. I have one more question regarding combo box functionality. If I click the combo box then I will get a list of dropdown , if I scroll my page then the dropdown also moves along the page this look bad. So how can I fix the issue without moving the dropdown list along with the sheet. (You can see this issue in the file attached where you can find in the previous post pasted above)

Can anyone suggest !!