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Dependent combobox

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    Dependent combobox

    Hi all,

    I don't speak english very well but I will try to describe my problem.

    I have a combobox with names of customers on "Sheet1". The name of corresponding contact person and his email will show in C24 and C25 after choosing a customer from combobox.

    I have list of customer on "Sheet2". Every customer can have one, two or three contact persons. Would it be possible to do following using VBA?

    If I choose for example second customer (customer "Best a.s.") with three contact persons I want to display second (new) combobox with three contact persons which belong to this customer (in my example "Tomas Miculka"; "Petr Nadvornik" and "Josef Pecha"). If I choose the first customer (FBM s.r.o.) I want to display only two contact persons ("Josef Novy" and "Igor Hnizdo") in the new combobox. Afterthat I choose one contact person from the second combobox and this contact person will show in C24 and his E-mail in C25.

    If the customer has only one contact person I don't want to display any other combobox but directly write the contact person and e-mail to C24 and C25

    The number of the contact persons can change - I can delete or add some contact person. So there is no fix number of contact persons by every customer.

    Could you please help me with this issue?

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Dependent combobox

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