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Consolidate Data

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    Consolidate Data

    Tracking about 200 personnel with their training/certifications. Without using the generic sort function, is there a more sophisticated method to compile data automatically? I attached a sample of what I am trying to accomplish.

    There are multiple tables that use the same value to determine the status on personnel. Would like to have a separate sheet that consolidates the specified data of each personnel.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Consolidate Data

    Adjust these formulas as required, insert sheet name when referring to ranges etc
    To be honest your spreadsheet should really reflect your original layout even if its just a small amount of data.

    I;m assuming data starts on row 3 cos thats what youve supplied as example data.
    If not change ALL the 3s in the formulas to whatever row the data starts on

    in A23

    in B23
    copy across to D23

    copy these formulas down as far as row 28

    in A14

    in B14

    copy down as far as row 19

    NOTE: Make sure you format the output grids correctly, e.g. dates and numbers
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    Ensure you describe your problem clearly, I have little time available to solve these problems and do not appreciate numerous changes to them.

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