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List with 2 variables

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    List with 2 variables

    I have a long list with many values with object temperature and ambient temperature.
    I want all object temperatures to come in succession in a row and all of the ambient temperatures come in another row.
    ambient temperature stands on odd colonies and object tempereature stands on some columns. How can I do this?

    Skjermbilde (369).png

    as in this picture, but now I have just taken and copied the values over to the right cell but doing so with 25000 values takes a very long time
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    Re: List with 2 variables

    Hi, and welcome to the forum

    Please upload a workbook or a representative cut down copy, anonymised if necessary. It is always easier to advise if we can see your request in its context.

    Show a before and after situation with manually calculated results, explaining which information is data and which is results, and if it's not blindingly obvious how you have arrived at your results some explanatory notes as well.

    To upload a file click the Go Advanced button at the foot of your post, look underneath the post area for the Manage Attachments section and take it from there.
    Richard Buttrey

    If any of the responses have helped then please consider rating them by clicking the small star icon below the post.

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    Re: List with 2 variables

    Administrative Note:

    Welcome to the forum.

    We would very much like to help you with your query, however it has been brought to our attention that the same query has been posted on one or more other forums and you have not provided the required cross-post link(s) here.

    Read this to understand why we (and other sites like us) consider this to be important.

    (Note: this requirement is not optional. No help to be offered until the link is provided.)

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