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Excel acting strangely with macro enabled files: odd errors, standard methods not working

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    Excel acting strangely with macro enabled files: odd errors, standard methods not working

    I’m trying to help a co-worker with an issue she’s experiencing in Excel but I’m drawing a blank, and the IT department can't seem to figure it out either. (Their solution is to order a new computer, LOL...) Any time she opens a file that has macros enabled, it appears that Excel isn’t reading the file properly, and then it removes worksheet properties from various sheets within the workbook.

    Opening a macro-enabled file generates this error:


    Clicking “Yes” brings up this notification:


    The linked log file reads the following: (posted here as a screenshot from my email to IT... the board rejected it as text due to html content, even inside code tags)


    After closing the above notification, the code in the file runs... but it errors out, kicking back the following code error:


    The highlighted method that is generating this error is the first instance of “UsedRange.Clear”, in the code section below:


    This code has been working fine on this computer until a few days ago, and there should have been no reason for anything to change in the system settings or in the registry. I have tried adjusting the macro security settings, but nothing makes a difference.

    It appears to me based on this and other errors I’m getting, that for some reason her copy of Excel is not recognizing standard methods and worksheet properties. This may be due to an error in the registry, or just an internal Excel error… I don’t have a clue. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the issue?


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    Re: Excel acting strangely with macro enabled files: odd errors, standard methods not work

    I have seen this but only in individual files. If it is happening to one macro-enabled file then I would say the file is corrupted. If it is happening to every macro-enabled file then I would say the installation of Excel is corrupted.

    I assume that you have copied and opened the same files successfully on another machine. If not you should try that, making sure you have gotten a clean copy that hasn't been repaired yet.

    If I were Microsoft Tech Support I would tell you to uninstall and reinstall Office. The macro error is probably happening because of the Worksheet features that were removed to recover the file.
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