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Sorting Book Volumes In Excel

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    Sorting Book Volumes In Excel


    I've had a problem with sorting a large list of books in my collection. In my first column, I have the book title and volume # in a single cell. For Example:

    Blue Exorcist Vol. 1
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 10
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 11
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 12
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 13
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 14
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 15
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 16
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 17
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 18
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 19
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 2
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 20
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 21
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 3
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 4
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 5
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 6
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 7
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 8
    Blue Exorcist Vol. 9

    The obvious problem is when sorting a mix of text and numbers, it doesn't sort the volume numbers correctly after sorting the text correctly. Is it possible to do this correctly without changing the text and volume numbers being in the same cell?

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    Re: Sorting Book Volumes In Excel

    Use the following steps. Assume your data is in Column A.
    1. Highlight the cells in Column A.
    2. Click on Data Tab-->Text to Columns
    3. Select Delimiter as Period (.)
    4. Finish
    5. Highlight Columns A&B
    6. Click on Data Tab Sort, Sort by Column B
    7. In Column C1 type formula =Concat(A1:B1) and copy down
    8. Highlight column C. Select Copy
    9. Place your cursor in A1. Paste Special
    10. Highlight columns B & C and delete.

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