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Needed: calendar to adjust dates based on sheet 2 dates & autofill content accordingly

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    Needed: calendar to adjust dates based on sheet 2 dates & autofill content accordingly

    Good afternoon,
    The simplest explanation: I need to create an excel calendar (sheet 1) that will recognize dates as I change them on sheet 2, column 1 and will autofill those dates with data from sheet 2 column 2.

    The function I can’t get is I want to tell the calendar, “look at cell A2, and according to the date that is filled in there, transfer the data from B2 into that slot on the calendar”….and the calendar update automatically. The thing is, any alalytes to be collected 3 x’s per week, will always be required 3 x’s per week….what changes is the start date of sampling. Because of this, if I put in the formula to just equal B2-B4 on May 1st-May 3rd, when the month changes to June it will leave that formula in place & it will look like those samples are expected on May 30th…..simply put, with a static formula, it will autofill on the DAY I choose, not the DATE. This is my problem. I can seem to figure out how to make the excel calendar change dymically

    If needed, the long explanation: I need to track samples that are scheduled to arrive at my lab. The samplers provide the dates they will be sampling per frequency required:
    i.e. all samples that require 3 per week (I'll use NH3 for an example) will be collected on 5/1-5/4, 5/8-5/11, 5/13-5/16, 5/21-5/24, so I need to be able to change the dates on sheet 2 to correspond to these sampling dates, then have NH3 filled in another column that will autofill those spaces on the calendar.

    The caveats: frequency is dictated by permit and remains static, dates do not. The sampling may begin on the 1st of May, but not until the 7th in June. In addition, there will be multiple analytes on different frequencies...e.g. "all monthly samples will be collected on 5/1 (i'll use TKN as an example) and all bimonthly samples will be collected on 5/1 and 5/13 (I'll use TOP as an example"....so my aim is to change one date, have all the other dates change automatically and change the calendar & autofill: TKN, NH3, TOP on 5/1 but then 5/13 would fill in NH3 and TOP only. I know how to adjust sheet two a couple of different ways, but not how to get the dates to change on the calendar according to what i type in and not how to get it to recognize & fill in the corresponding analyte data.

    Thanks in advance!
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