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Replace V with ✔️

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    Replace V with ✔️

    I would like to achieve the following: when I am typing 'V' in a cell it will replace it with the emoji ✔️
    How can I achieve it through formatting?


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    Re: Replace V with ✔️

    Hi whatever,

    How about using a Substitute formula like the attached?

    Substitute v with check.xlsx

    If the attached is good enough a substitute then some VBA might be the final answer.
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    Re: Replace V with ✔️

    To use auto correct
    1. copy those two symbols
    2. Open MS Word, click the Office button
    3. Select Word Options
    4. Proofing, Autocorrect options
    5. In the Replace box, type v/
    6. Paste the copied characters in the With box.
    * ensure that the Replace text as you type option is checked. OK. Close Word. In Excel, type v/
    Ben Van Johnson

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