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Copying a stationary cell and having it move

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    Copying a stationary cell and having it move

    I have a feeling this can't be possible, but I have a table that uses a variable that is locked ($A$1). Is it possible to copy the whole table and move that locked cell down as well without unlocking it? The new table will be referencing a different locked cell. Is this something that could this be done using VBA?

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    Re: Copying a stationary cell and having it move

    Yes, depending on the options you selected when you Protected the sheet. If you allow selection of locked cells, and you are pasting to a location that is not protected and locked, then you can do this. I believe the Locked attribute of A1 will also apply to wherever you copy it to. If the options you selected don't allow this, then you would have to unprotect the sheet first.

    This could be done in VBA if desired.

    You are asking if something is possible; for what you have described you can answer that question by trying it. What happens?

    Your question is pretty general. We can give you a more specific answer if you attach your file.

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