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V Lookup not working

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    V Lookup not working


    So I am working on automating or putting in some checks in place for one of my project file. In the actual worksheet there are several tabs and I am basically trying to use a Vlookup or any other formula you guys recommend to ensure that all the accounts in the AFO tab are being captured in the Trial Balance tab.

    Basically the story is the AFO tab is pulled from a ledger system which will capture all the accounts added and deleted, however the trial balance is updated manually which can cause an out of balance whenever a new account is updated.

    I would appreciate your insight and feedback on what the most effective formula can be used. I have attached an example condensed into one tab as an example. As you can see my lookup was not working and i am not sure what i was doing wrong. Thanks once again
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    Re: V Lookup not working

    Not sure what you think you told the VLOOKUP to do, but it is doing what you told it to do!

    Is this what you are expecting (try it)?


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    Re: V Lookup not working

    Formula: copy to clipboard
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