I am attempting to create a table in Word from Excel, because that is where the data is, but the documents which need the tables are in word (Created in Word also within the same Excel VBA sub). I can successfully create the table, but I cannot input the necessary text. I had thought about creating an invisible table within each of the cells, but that could cause some odd formatting issues. I do not believe that I can simply write tbl.cell(1,1).Range.Text = insertTextHere, because I require various words within the cell to be bold and for others to not be. This led me to creating each bit of text separately; however, the method I used to type the text into the cell returns an 'Object Required' error. I do know the length of each string which needs to be bolded and what line they will be on, but I do not know the lengths of the non bold strings between them (some are also on the same line but after the bolded text).

How do I populate each cell with text, some bold and some not bold?

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