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Move Data from Raw Data Worksheet to Other Worksheets Based on Criteria (Except Also..)

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    Move Data from Raw Data Worksheet to Other Worksheets Based on Criteria (Except Also..)

    I have a raw data worksheet with headers from A:AK and data from 2:8868. Each row is a unique account. Column I is the "Product Description," and I have 70 different product descriptions. I also have another column P "Value Adjustment" which is a numeric value. Most of the accounts have a "0" Value Adjustment; however, about 300 do have a value adjustment. I need to put all Value Adjusted Accounts regardless of Product Description one on worksheet, and I also need to put all accounts with the respective Product Descriptions excluding Value Adjusted Accounts on separate worksheets for all 70 Product Descriptions. So I will have 72 total worksheets (including the Raw Data and Value Adjusted Accounts worksheets).

    I have been using Advanced Filter for this process, but I'm running into an issue. When I use Advanced Filter I move over all accounts with the same Product Descriptions, but I need to exclude Value Adjusted Accounts How can I do this? (Note: I added an additional column using an IF statement labeling Yes if there is a #>0 for Value Adjustment and No if not. Then I used this column with Advanced Filter criteria to move all Value Adjusted Accounts to their own tab.)

    Also, I need to create a monthly report from this data, so is there any easier way to automatically create the tabs based on unique Product Descriptions and add the corresponding accounts to each tab (noting that Value Adjusted Accounts go on their own tab and are excluded on the other tabs)?
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    Re: Move Data from Raw Data Worksheet to Other Worksheets Based on Criteria (Except Also..

    I would suggest a helper column for the exceptions.
    The way I would do it would be to create the worksheets for each of the unique accounts and then past te corresponding data from the raw table to each sheet.
    Since you don't mention if you're using macro's the rest would be based on assumptions and guessing, and that my friend is the worst trap to fall in to.
    I would suggest a dummy data file with what you have so far, add one or two of the worksheets as you would want to have them and also are the new worksheets to be part of the raw data file or is it a new file?
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