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Formatting cells for android /cellphoneuse

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    Formatting cells for android /cellphoneuse


    Maybe posted in the wrong subforum but here it goes:

    In the office I make some checklists, that I later fill out while Im on site. Earlier I used to print them out, but now i have excel on my phone and it syncs automatically with the file on my computer.

    My problem is that it takes too long time on site to fill it out, because each time you click on a cell you get the whole keyboard on the screen. Is it possible to format the cells so while im clicking on a cell, the only options is "ok", "not ok" or just the number from 0-9?

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    Re: Formatting cells for android /cellphoneuse

    Could you use a Data Validation drop-down in those cells, so you just select the value from a list?

    Hope this helps.


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