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Web Query to clickable download .csv file

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    Web Query to clickable download .csv file


    my company uses an online CRM platform to track customers and sales that I would like to download into excel through an automated process. Their export function leads to a download link that downloads a .csv file. I've tried copying the link address into the web query form and get the following error:

    Details: "Web.Contents failed to get contents from '...' (500): Internal Server Error" *edit I should add, the begining of the url starts with 'blob:htpps\'

    When I attempt to connect to the website using the web query form, after an error it will prompt me to attempt to login and give me:

    Details: "The credentials provided cannot be used for the Web source. Please update the credential type through a refresh or in the Data Source Settings dialog to continue

    Once I enter my login info under the 'Access web content' form using 'basic' credentials I get told the credentials are invalid but I'm positive I've entered them correctly.

    Please advise on how to do this better.

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