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confusion about how Excel scales pages

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    confusion about how Excel scales pages

    I know Excel does not claim to remotely be a page-layout application, but that doesn't mean I still haven't been tasked by a superior to created a nicely formatted, multi-page workbook that will be populated with data and exported as PDF.

    In trying to keep things formatted consistently across tabs (with each tab essentially equating to 1 page), I'm finding that Excel does some weird scaling. In the attached file, even though both tabs have the same Page Layout properties (namely page dimensions and margins) and they're both being viewed at the same zoom level, the scale of the horizontal ruler is different between the 2 of them. IN this case, the 2nd tab's ruler displays as I would expect a view with greater zoom level to, but as I said, the zoom level is the same for both.

    I know the column widths don't all match up between the 2 (and they should - this is what I'm trying to fix and noticed this ruler thing while doing so), but I would think that at the same zoom on pages of the same dimensions and margins, the columns widths would not affect that.

    What am I missing?
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    Re: confusion about how Excel scales pages

    You have them both set to fit 1 page, which is okay. But they do not have the same number of rows. so scaling is 1% different.
    Remove excess blank rows.
    Also use copy Paste Special, Column widths to set the two pages to same width.

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