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first row not visible in Excel 2016

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    first row not visible in Excel 2016

    Hi, not sure if this question is in the right place...

    I have a data file where the first row is not showing up. Yes, some of the panes are frozen. I have tried a few things but none of them have worked. Because this is sensitive data, I can't just post pictures here. I could send them via PM. Thanks.
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    Re: first row not visible in Excel 2016

    Our PM system does not support file attachments. Our thread posts do. I recommend you remove sensitive data or replace it with a minimal amount of dummy data to demonstrate the problem.
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    Re: first row not visible in Excel 2016

    Try using Ctr-A to select everything (or click the box to the upper left of Cell A1) and then set the row height to anything other than 0, by either right-clicking the row labels and choosing "Row height" or by hovering over a row boundary in the row label area and clicking and dragging when the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow icon.
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    Re: first row not visible in Excel 2016

    Can you share the sample file also??
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    Re: first row not visible in Excel 2016

    Even if the PM system did support attachments, you should NEVER share sensitive data with an unknown third party: you don't know any of us, and I suspect you'd be in breach of data protection measures if you did.

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