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Autopopulate schedule- by task / from milestone dates

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    Autopopulate schedule- by task / from milestone dates

    Hi all.

    Looking at this forum,there's clearly a lot of smart folk and I have a specific question -- I've looked into the other threads and they don't quite fit my needs at the minute as I'm looking at trying to build a sheet which has a level of project management which is a bit more wieldy for me specifically (I'm not a project manager but need something which can broadly serve as such)

    I'm trying to populate a schedule with tasks that need to be done in specific weeks. I don't need start / end dates in a project management style, just the ability to shift dates around as things ebb and flow, working backwards from specific key milestone dates.

    I've attached an example of the sheet. What I'd like to be able to do is add new task categories in column b and manually label the parent category -- I guess the challenge is if there are multiple tasks due under a task category in one specific week and how to handle that? (thoughts welcomed!)

    I'm not looking for conditional formatting or anything at this point or anything too fancy - just a nice simple way of adding tasks in a schedule, manually tweaking the time to completion from milestone dates and seeing it laid out in a schedule.

    I'm hoping someone here can help me? Much appreciated.

    thanks ever so much
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