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I want to add popup pictures in a table in Excel for Mac 16.33

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    Smile I want to add popup pictures in a table in Excel for Mac 16.33

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. Hope I'm doing this right.

    I have a sheet that compares different types of microphones with various specifications. On the left side I have a table that fills in data (via HLOOKUP) when I type the microphones model into the yellow boxes. With this system I can enter a couple microphone names and closely compare their qualities side by side.

    Two of those important qualities of each microphone is only displayed by graphs that the manufacturer makes. These are the frequency response curve and polar pattern graphs (bottom right of the sheet attached).

    So the tough part is that I want to have these graphs pop up with the rest of the data when I enter the microphone name. I can save these graphs as pictures in all major formats.

    I discovered that that the older versions of excel have the ability to insert pictures into comments so when hovering over the cell a picture could pop up. This method would be perfect, but the latest office 365 for Mac doesn't have this!

    Does anyone know of a way to put pictures into a sheet that only pop up when moused over or clicked on? The hyperlink method doesn't work for me because it's too slow when linking to a website or file stored on the computer.

    Thank you in advance for helping me out!
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