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Matrix help needed is matrix the best way??

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    Matrix help needed is matrix the best way??

    Hello all, I am compiling a matrix for work to show what parts of the plant need cleaned for each changeover and how long it should take for each part and in total, all hyperlinked from from page to a tab showing the parts and time.
    The dilemma I have is that there are 60 products that could potentially change from any to any meaning there are 3841 different changeovers possible.

    This would make for a massive matrix with 3841 tabs to compile, what i would like to know is,

    1: is there a quicker way to do the matrix
    2 is the matrix the right way to go or am I missing a trick here?

    Any enlightenment would be gratefully appreciated to make this easier.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Matrix help needed is matrix the best way??

    Your example doesn't really explain what you are trying to accomplish, you don't have a start point, an end point, or nothing to show why you think you need 3 thousand tabs.

    At 1st glance I think the better way would be to create ONE data tab with your 60 different scenarios then using INDEX MATCH or something on those lines to pull data into ONE summary tab.
    Uploading an attachment will assist Forum Members in finding the correct Solution for you. Create a dummy worksheet if necessary, add your start data and show where / what your expected results should be. TO ADD A FILE:

    Go to 'Advanced. click on 'Manage Attachments. Select 'Browse & Choose your file, Select 'Upload and then close the Attachment window.

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