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SUMIF with Stratification help

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    SUMIF with Stratification help

    Hello All,
    Hope everyone is well.
    I need some help creating a formula that will count/ sum values based off a defined stratification bucket. On the Summary Tab, you will see I need to calculate in B3 the number of "indirect" (this comes from the "Data" tab - column "F") transactions that had an invoice price (from the Data tab) less than $0 and then $0-$5,000, and finally invoice price $5,001-$25,000. Next, instead of counting the transactions, I need to calculate the trade-in value (sum) for these stratification buckets as well. The Trade-in value is the Data tab, column "I".

    Is there a way to write a sumif / counting formula to solve my problem?

    Any and all help is much appreciated!

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    Re: SUMIF with Stratification help

    if I got the columns correct you can try these four formulas...
    1st count records for indirect sales: =COUNTIFS(Data!F:F,"Indirect Sales",Data!J:J,"<"&0)
    2nd count records =COUNTIFS(Data!F:F,"Indirect Sales",Data!J:J,">="&0,Data!J:J,"<="&5000) - then adjust the numbers for the last range.
    1st sum =SUMIFS(Data!J:J,Data!F:F,"indirect sales",Data!J:J,"<"&0)
    2nd sum =SUMIFS(Data!J:J,Data!F:F,"indirect sales",Data!J:J,">"&0,Data!J:J,"<="&5000) - then adjust the numbers for the last range, then repeat for direct sales.
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