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Advice on managing data from 150 tabs in Excel

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    Advice on managing data from 150 tabs in Excel

    Hi there, I am analyzing the debt of around 150 companies and really need some help/advice as I've hit a brick wall in terms of what to do next!

    I have created a spreadsheet that has a tab for each company, so 150 tabs. In each tab there is a row for each debt instrument a company has (some companies have up to 100 debt instruments). I have several columns that show various items including:
    The maturity date of the debt
    Percentage of overall company debt that this instrument represents
    The interest rate of that instrument
    What sector that particular company is from
    What country that particular company is from
    (these last two are the same all the way down the column in each tab and are there to label each debt instrument, so I can analyse debt across countries and sectors.)

    I'd like to consolidate the data so that I can create various matrices; e.g. countries on the X axis, Sectors on the Y axis, and have the average Interest rate of all the debt instruments in each combination of country and sector. Or a similar matrix with the average maturity instead of the average interest rate.

    I tried using AVERAGEIFS but it didn't like doing it across 150 tabs. The next idea was therefore to consolidate all the tabs into one tab so that I could then use AVERAGEIFS within one tab, but I couldn't work out how to efficiently consolidate all the tabs, into one tab with all the data below each other.

    I'm therefore looking for advice on where to turn next? Whether to manually link the data into a single tab , try and write a macro to do this, or is there something I'm missing!

    Any help would be very much appreciated!



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    Re: Advice on managing data from 150 tabs in Excel

    Welcome to the forum.

    You can consolidate all tabs using PowerQuery:


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    Re: Advice on managing data from 150 tabs in Excel

    Another option.

    VBA can help you add all data in 1 worksheet.
    Notice my main language is not English.

    I appreciate it, if you reply on my solution.

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