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Data Validation based on 2 other data validations

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    Data Validation based on 2 other data validations

    I can create 2 dropdown boxes so the second will only show data based on what was selected in the first dropdown by putting them in two lists etc

    I am trying to use 3 dropdown boxes in a row (A B and C) each one showing different data based on whats selected in the previous dropdown.
    The 3rd row (D) will then automatically display a result that can be edited.

    Im not sure if it would be easier using a userform, if thats the case i dont know how to link the dropdown boxes like in data validation.

    Any help on how i can make this happen would be much apreciated

    Thank You
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    Re: Data Validation based on 2 other data validations

    Unique lists for each Dropdown is needed.
    The easiest way is Pivot table.

    DV list for



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