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Validation References with Notes?

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    Question Validation References with Notes?


    Fairly seasoned user of Excel using MS 365 for Business. Since this is a specific Excel question, I've posted here instead of the O365 thread.

    I have a named table range [Countries] in my worksheet Reference! with some cells in the range that have notes.

    Is there a way when referencing that range in a lists Data Validation that the Notes can come over too?

    I'm guessing that the Notes are attached to the cell and not the data. For example, I can add a note to the cell and delete the data, and the note persists.

    I know that the note can be referenced from the XML, but not how to bring it to the cell that has a data validation.

    I can write VB if that is the only solution. But wouldn't it be cool if Excel offered this capability out of the box!?


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    Re: Validation References with Notes?

    Hi Narlo,
    welcome to the forum. I am assuming that you're referring to Comments. As far as I know there is no out-of-the-box functionality for this specific question.
    Apart from that, data validation lists don't support that either.
    The only option I can come up with is a macro that is triggered once you select an item that checks if there is a Comment in hat cell and display the contents either in a message box or elsewhere.
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