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Printing Formula based Quantity of Labels

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    Printing Formula based Quantity of Labels

    Hi all.

    I am producing product detail labels as per demo excel file attached.

    I print it on Full A4 Size Label Sheet and then manually cut the labels to fix each label on the product packets.

    Normally, it is 21 labels per sheet on A4 (3 x 7). If MATERIAL NAME is short (single line), then it could be 24 labels per sheet (3 x 8).

    I need below help :

    (1) As of now, the PRINTING AREA Sheet shows full sheet populated. So while printing I have to manually select the no. of labels required (Cells, in multiple of 3). i.e. for eg. If I need to just 13 labels, I have to select and print upto 15 labels (3 x 5). In the LabelDATA Sheet Cell A13 shows label qty required. Is it possible by any excel FORMULA that the PRINTING AREA Sheet populate exactly 13 labels (easy to print, without manual count n select print area)

    (2) Is it possible by any excel FORMULA that part of the merged cells, be printed in BOLD.
    =LabelDATA!A2&" : "&LabelDATA!B2
    Only Cell B2 (Mat. Code NUMBER) gets printed in BOLD

    NOTE : I use basic Excel and not aware of VBA / Macro.

    Thank you for any help.
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