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Problem with serach function CTRL+F

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    Problem with serach function CTRL+F

    Hello together,

    I hope someone can help me with this issue. Explanation:

    The user in our company are using several Excel files (xlsx) where they have to search for values using CTRL+F. All good. The search settings are normal like this

    Now they have to use a macro enabled file same time as a kind of tracker for their work with some code to automate some things in there.
    Now when they are using both files parallel then a strange change is happening. The search setting change:

    Suddenly automatically the box for "Match entire cell contents" is ticked and they cannot search for partly words etc. Always they have to remove the tick first. That's a bit annoying. They didn't encountered this issue before they had to use the .xlsm file.

    Can someone help me and explain why this is happening? And how i am able to change this?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Problem with serach function CTRL+F

    Share the VBA code.

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    Re: Problem with serach function CTRL+F

    Excel "remembers" the settings used in find & replace, regardless of whether it's done manually, or via a macro.
    There is no realistic way of finding what the settings are at the start of a macro & resetting them after the macro has run.

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