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Bar charts \ stacked and columns

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    Bar charts \ stacked and columns

    I am unfamiliar with how these charts can operate. Is it possible to have a bar chart with bars that are columns and then also stacked inside the same chart? See the attached. What I would like to do is this:
    In 'Sales & Actual Cost' Chart, I would like 'Budgeted Cost' and 'Additional Cost' to be a stacked column.
    The other issue I can't seem to figure out is why the 'Combo Chart' isn't working. I want to be able to combine 'Gross Margin %' with 'Original vs. Adjusted Gross Margin' charts. Am I selecting the data incorrectly?
    Is it possible to do a refresh of a chart or change the way in which the data is displayed? Do I need to manually move the order in which the data lays in the excel sheet? Meaning, I want the Original Gross Margin' to be on top and the 'Adjusted Gross Margin' to be on bottom because the 'Original Gross Margin' amount is greater than 'Adjusted Gross Margin'.

    I am new to utilizing bar charts so any guidance is much appreciated.
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    Re: Bar charts \ stacked and columns

    One way for the stacked column chart is to make the Budgeted and Additional Cost a single series.

    For the GM use some formulae to force the higher value to be the second one shown.

    See attached.
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    Re: Bar charts \ stacked and columns

    In 'Sales & Actual Cost' Chart, I would like 'Budgeted Cost' and 'Additional Cost' to be a stacked column.
    Rearrange the data in the spreadsheet so you can put additional cost into its own data series and change the chart type to a stacked column chart:
    1) chart data table:
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    2) Select these 6 cells and insert a stacked column chart. Then format chart elements as desired.

    I wasn't sure exactly what you wanted to do in combining the gross margin % and original vs adjusted gross margin charts. As a guess, it looks like you want to somehow communicate both the gross margin values and the % margin values in the same chart. Starting with the "Original vs. Adjusted Gross Margin" chart, I:
    1) Change the chart type to 2D stacked column (because I hate trying to read 3D charts -- see this essay for why: https://peltiertech.com/the-perils-of-being-in-3d/ )
    2) Delete the current data labels (I will read the gross margin values directly off the chart).
    3) Using Rob Bovey's free XY chart labeler add-in (your profile says you are using Excel 2010, so this functionality is not native to our versions of Excel) and use the values in B7 and B8 as the data labels for each data series.
    4) Using the Select source data dialog, change the plot order of the two data series (to the right of the "Remove" button in the Legend Entries (Series) portion of the dialog is a pair of up/down arrows which you can use to move a series up or down in the plot order).

    Is that close to what you are trying to do?
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