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PLEASE HELP!!! EXCEL Formulas Not Working On Android?

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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP!!! EXCEL Formulas Not Working On Android?

    I've been working on an EXCEL Workbook for a while and I even hired an expert to create some complex VBA Coding and Formulas for me. It works perfectly fine on my computer but I was extremely disappointed to find out that NONE of the VBA Codes or Formulas work when I open it on my Smartphone. It renders it useless since I need to use it on phones a lot.

    The version of EXCEL on my computer is Version 16.41 (20091302).

    The version of EXCEL on my Smartphone is Version 1.0.1 (16.0.13127.20162).

    I assume both of those are the latest versions since they are the very first versions that appear when I bring up EXCEL in the Google Play Store and Microsoft Website respectively.

    Could the problem be because my phone is an ANDROID SAMSUNG S20 and my computer is a MAC. Could that be the issue? If so, what is the way around this issue? Do I need to create one version of the Workbook on MAC for iPhones and another separate version on PC for Androids?
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    Re: PLEASE HELP!!! EXCEL Formulas Not Working On Android?

    I don't think VBA is available on Excel for Android, which would explain why it doesn't work for you. Did you make it clear to your developer that using the tool they built for you would be used on such devices?

    As for formulas not working, what are the functions being used? I'm sure many will work but could be there are some that don't.


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